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cog lcd module

Welcome to our product page of cog lcd module, in which you can find detailed information of cog lcd module.We are manufacturer and supplier of cog lcd module. We have rich experience in manufacturing cog lcd module. From raw materials to finished products, we strictly control every production step. We dedicate ourselves to manufacture and supply of cog lcd module with nice service.
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"cog lcd module"

1.128*64点阵 2.FSTN模式,蓝背光和白背光可选 3.低功耗,3.3v供电
1.128*32点阵 2.COG封装,低功耗设计 3.内置Uc1701x控制器
1.160*160点阵,高性价比COG工艺 2.低功耗设计,抗干扰能力强 3.FSTN/高亮白色LED背光,极佳对比度 4.单电源3.3v供电,带温度补偿 5.电力产品专用,符合国网标准 6.超宽温工作温度-30--+80?...
1.128*64点阵 2.低功耗设计,3.3v供电 3.COG工艺,适合手持产品 4. FSTN模式,LED白色背光
1.96*60点阵 2.低功耗设计,适用于手持产品 3.FSTN模式
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